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Terms of Use is available if the internet user accepts the following conditions. Every user using the website is deemed to have accepted these conditions.


    Copyright :

All rights of the site belong to All software products and articles, articles, advertisement photographs, pictures, documents and similar intellectual products included in the content of are protected by legal legislation regarding Copyrights. None of these products can be used without the consent of Adv Communication Construction and Trade Inc. Copying, reproduction, unauthorized and unauthorized use and distribution of these products for any purpose are prohibited by law. Portal Terms of Use and Obligations:

A.) By being a "Member" of, you acknowledge, accept and undertake that you have "read the Agreement completely, understood the content in the Agreement and accepted all its provisions." The user is responsible for all transactions made with his username and password and all the consequences that may arise from these transactions. The user undertakes not to give his / her password and username to anyone else. Legal sanctions regarding this are included in this ‘Contract.


B.) Members should act and act in line with the law on the portal. The legal and criminal responsibilities of the members that may arise from all kinds of acts and actions performed on belong to them.

C.) Members can use the materials in (advertisement, text, article, text, picture, link, codings, structure of domain and sub-domain names, file, folder, database information, help and other categories, membership agreement, privacy policy and terms of use, videos and all kinds of written, visual and auditory items) will not copy, reproduce, distribute, give to another site or a third party, use elsewhere, to "" either by these means or by other actions, acts and behaviors. declares, accepts and undertakes that it will not be a direct or indirect competitor.

D.) works on the principle that members add advertisements to the site database and other users review and monitor these postings. certainly does not guarantee whether the content viewed and uploaded by the members is legal or not, its accuracy and reliability under any circumstances. It does not assume any legal or criminal liability that may arise for this reason.

E.) employees, business partners, managers, marketers cannot be held responsible for the services offered by third parties in, the advertisements and content posted by the Members.


F.) Members accept that they will not engage in activities contrary to the laws of the Republic of Turkey on, that they will not engage in unfair competition and profitable acts and behavior, that will not infringe the personality and commercial reputation of third parties and will not manipulate, declares and undertakes.

G.) can use, share and disclose the confidential and private information sent by the members during the registration phase and afterwards in line with the decisions of the "Agreement" and "Privacy Policy", and can be obtained by visitors and Members during their visit and membership to It can use all kinds of data it provides for analysis and user satisfaction or to provide better service.

H.) may change the content within the Portal at any time, including the Terms of Use, Contract, and Privacy Policy, by announcing it on without consulting anyone and without notice.


Intellectual Property Rights

A.) all elements of (including but not limited to its design, interface, text, image, html, php code and other codes) ( copyrighted works) to and / or under license from a third party. Users may not resell, share, distribute, display, reproduce, make or prepare works derived from Services, information and copyrighted works of, or May not allow it to access or use its Services; Otherwise, they will be liable for compensation from for damages incurred by third parties, including but not limited to licensors, and any other liabilities, including but not limited to court costs and attorney fees.

B.), Services, information, works subject to copyright, commercial